4M: Machining Services

4MPrecision’s machine shop, historically referred to as our tool room, is fully outfitted with the machinery and experience demanded by our customers’modern manufacturing needs. Whether it be milling, turning, grinding, EDM, or even the modification or creation of specialized press/brake tooling, 4M Precision has the solution to our customers’unique and challenging machining needs.

4M Precision’s Machining machines include: Okuma Cadet Mate, Haas VF-4-I, Prototrak KE EMX, Bridgeport, VanNorman 22L, Okuma Crown, Haas DS-30-Y, Harrison AA VS, Okamoto ACC 124N, Taft-Peirce Manual, KBC SG-618HD and Sodik A320D.

4M Precision has a long history of milling that began with the manual milling of die components with very precise tolerances, whichhas grown with today’s modern machining requirements. From custom manual milling to multi-axis high feed production centric CNC milling centers, 4M Precision can satisfy our customers’wide range of high precision milling needs.

For much of 4M Precision’s history, our turning capabilities have been more tailored towards custom punch tooling. As the metal working industry has evolved, 4M Precision has been devoted to advancing our turning capabilities along with it. We are now proud to offer full multi-axis, multi-spindle turning with live tooling, to allow for high throughput production centric turning jobs. In addition to our advanced turning capabilities, we have still maintained our roots through the use of manual, customized turning applications.

Surface GrindingSurface Grinding
4M Precision specializes in high precision surface grinding through the use of both our flexible dry grinding solutions and our automated wet grinding solutions. While our surface grinders have historically been used in the creation and maintenance of various press and brake tooling, we can now also utilize our grinding machines in a production setting, allowing 4M Precision to truly deliver on our moniker.

EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)EDM
To fully encompass all ends of machining within the modern machining setting, 4M Precision specializes in multi-axis CNC electrical discharge machining (EDM). Historically this has allowed us to create extremely intricate press/brake tooling, which laid the foundation for our production EDM solutions. Be it custom one-off components, extremely high required accuracy, or machining of hardened metals and tooling, 4M Precision’s EDM solutions allow us to exceed our customer’s expectations.