4M: Tool Building & Die Design

Die Design

4M Precision, formerly known as 4M Stamping, brings a long heritage of high volume stamping experience to the modern production environment. With a union of both traditional tool making experience and cutting edge engineering, we can design tools to suit any customer’s needs.

Tool Building

4M Precision’s tool-building specialty utilizes CNC milling, CNC turning and Wire EDM. Combined with our standard tool-building processes, 4M Precision has full 3D machining capability. Our team can prototype a customer’s part and offer recommendations on the most efficient way to get it into production.

Tool Adaptation

4M Precision offers the full capabilities of our in-house tool and die department to allow for the modification of customer-supplied press/brake tooling to suit our customers’specialized needs. From simple tooling adjustments to full progressive die modification, 4M Precision strives to exceed our customers’expectations.

4M Precision Die Design