4M: Laser Cutting

4M Precision stands to serve all your metal component needs. Check out our wide range of capabilities and send us a fast and easy Request for Quote.

4M Precision’s Trumpf 3030 4000-watt laser system has the capability to cut milled steel at a thickness of 5/8 inch, stainless steel at 3/8 inch, and aluminum at 1/4 inch, accommodating to a wide range of material thicknesses that our customers demand. The Trumpf system offers innovative processes for rapid and reliable processing and exceptional reliability. Cutting-edge laser technology enables 4M Precision to manufacture your part timely and cost effectively.

In addition to our laser technology, our state-of-the-art SigmaNest nesting software and experienced programmers allow us to achieve maximum sheet utilization on every job, maintaining an efficient and cost-effective process.

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